September 28, 2012

Release Day: Never Land by Kailin Gow (Giveaway, Excerpt, Coach Handbag Contest)

Title: Never Land (Never Knights #2)
Author: Kailin Gow
Publication Date: September 28th 2012
Age Range: New Adult/Mature YA

Welcome to Never Land, the land of Never and the world of rock, the world of new experiences and sensations, a world where music runs through the veins of the dedicated, and love is taken and given with consequences. Never (Neve) Knight, the lead singer and manager of a band filled with the hottest guys in rock finally gets the dream that she wanted: a label signing her band The Never Knights. It is what she always wanted, a band of her own and playing her own kind of music. Getting her band to where it was came at a high price, including giving up the man who makes her heart race and her blood pound, the man who caused her to nearly lose her band. As she gets ready to go on her world tour, fate brings her close to Danny Blue again, and she's not sure if she can give him up a second time even if it means losing the band.

My voice hardly sounded like my own. Eerily echoing out of the microphone, it was louder than I was used to. Stronger. Filled with a magic that seemed to transform it from the voice of a nervous, eighteen-year-old girl into something far greater. A voice that could affect each and every one of these people, a voice that could get inside their heads and hearts and make them dance like their lives depended on it. The sweat was pouring down my body and I could catch a glimpse of sweat, too, on the faces of my bandmates, who were rapt in concentration, lost in the music. And I was lost, too – wandering through a labyrinth of sound, trying to find my way out of this energy, this power, this beautiful music that at once belonged to me and yet was something wholly other, some great mystery I had only just begun to learn how to unfold. 

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About Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow is the international bestselling author of over 100 books, mostly in MG, YA, New Adult, and women's literature. Her popular YA fiction series have been contracted to be turned into worldwide virtual games by SEE GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT. Her books have been recommended by PBS Kids, the PTA, US Mental Health Association, homeschooling organizations, and bookclubs. She holds a Masters Degree in Communications Management from USC's Annenberg School of Communication, and Bachelors Degrees in Drama and Social Ecology from UC Irvine. She is a mother, a mentor for young women, and the founder of the social group for teen and young adult girls called Shy Girls Social Club at She also founded the crisis center online social site The Saving You Saving Me Project, based on the YA-Mature book Saving You Saving Me, at

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  1. This book sounds interesting! I have never heard of it before but I do like the premise and the excerpt! I'm a sucker for hot guys in a band. :)

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