May 3, 2013

Interview with Jennifer Thompson + Giveaway

The Scent of a Soul
Title: The Scent of a Soul
Author: Jennifer Thompson
Publication Date: December 8th 2012
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Fleeing her recent past, Lilliah Woods finds refuge in the anonymity of the present day inner-city slums. As she settles into the seedy apartment she must now call home, she meets mysterious Marek Jamison when he materializes in her doorway demanding to know who she is. From that moment, he becomes a guardian and guide as she gradually discovers his hidden world. As their relationship develops, Lilliah learns of Marek's dark past and of a brothers' quarrel he has been embroiled in for years. The quarrel turns into a larger battle of good and evil, liberty versus tyranny, and the separation of love and lust. 

With Lilliah as the ultimate prize, the deadly conflict reaches out to threaten her family, and the outcome of the final battle will determine her fate. Lilliah must embark on an unexpected path that teaches her to trust in the man she has come to love, and give of herself as she never thought she could....

My Interview with Jennifer

Welcome to Jessabella Reads. I am so happy to have you on the blog today!
Thanks so much, Jessica. I'm happy to have the opportunity to be here with you! 

1) Where did the idea for The Scent of a Soul come from?  
When I was in high school I read Bram Stoker's Dracula and was hooked from that moment with the paranormal, vampire element.  My first year of college, I would make sure I was the first one down to the common room of my dormitory every Friday night so I could snag the TV remote. I loved watching Dark Shadows (the early 1990s version with Ben Cross---yes, I know, this dates me). :-P  I fell in love with Ben Cross' character, Barnabas Collins. He had been turned against his will and wanted to find a way to change back. He wanted to live a better life, better himself. I'm addicted to that theme in general: Wanting to do better, be better, despite past transgressions. We all make mistakes or have tragedies shape our lives, but it's how we choose to deal with them that makes us who we are.The Scent of a Soul has a bit of that underlying theme. 

2 )What are some of your "must-haves" while writing?
I must be free from familial distractions. My husband is so sweet and selfless about giving me alone writing time. But, if I can hear the little ones screaming or even playing in the background, I'm distracted; and I need to listen to white noise (rain/thunderstorms) or even soundtracks that don't have a lot of words, but have great music, such asGladiatorThe Last of the MohicansTron Legacy, etc---keeps me focused. On the days that I get a whole writing day to myself, I must have Dr. Pepper and Salt and Vinegar Kettle chips; can't help it, my writing wouldn't be complete without it. But I always have things like lotion, Carmex, cold water, dictionary, thesaurus close by for those spur of the moment needs. Occasionally, and more than it should, chocolate works its way in as a must-have, too. :-) (If anyone has suggests for writing music, I'd love that!)    

3) Tell us why we should read The Scent of a Soul.
Because it's an entertaining, engaging story with a twist on the paranormal element. Even people who don't like paranormal stories have enjoyed it because my take on the paranormal is, as one of my readers put it, "Refreshing." It has the classic "overcoming challenges and finding the good" element that we all face to some degree or another, and can relate to. And the men in it are enough for you to want to give up human men for. ;-)

4) Who was the easiest character to write? Who was the most challenging?
Lilliah was the easiest because I can relate to her. 
Magnus (and all those surrounding him) was the most challenging because it turned out to be downright hard for me to write evil. 

5) Why did you decide to write YA? What do you love about it?
Well, to be honest with you, Jessica, The Scent of a Soul really isn't YA. Lilliah is twenty-six, and Marek is thirty-one, and they deal with adult situations. But, I do keep my romances clean, and teenage girls have read it without having a problem enjoying and engaging in it. 

6) What are the next 3 book in your personal TBR pile?
Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
Fire Weed by Terry Montague
Sendero by Max Tomlinson

7) In a few sentences, what is a typical day in your life like?
I like my day to start with a few moments of spiritual reflection. Then, it quickly turns to children, food preparation, house cleaning, food preparation, laundry preparation (for some reason children are always hungry; my daughter just told me she's hungry). :-)  It also encompasses social networking...more than I like sometimes!  And last, but never least, my incredible husband! (And when it's a really lucky day---writing.) 

8) What can we look forward to from you in the future? Anything you're working on right now, or plan to start working on?
Absolutely! I'm finishing up my second novel, The Sound of a Silent Heart. It's Candice's story (she is Lilliah's sister). I'm right at the ending climax, and then the wrap up. Since I've started writing, I've found at least thirteen more stories bumping around in my head, wanting to get out. Can't wait to put them all on paper as well!

9) Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds?
Sorry, not pets. :-(   But, I do have five children, and more often than not, they behave like pets. :-) 

10) What made you decide to write a book?  
One day I wanted to see what it felt like to put the characters and story running around in my head on paper. So I did. I wrote my first page, and then after a small, three week break, I continued and never looked back. But I never dreamed anything would come of it. I'm very humbled and flattered at the response The Scent of a Soul has received so far. I'm so grateful!!

Thanks for the interview, Jessica, it was great! I've really enjoyed answering these questions and getting to express myself. 

About The Author:
Jennifer has been happily married to for fifteen years. She loves to read, cook, spend time with her family, and now she can add writing to that list---it is her creative outlet; we all need one.

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  1. sounds fantastic! Congrats to Jennifer on the new release! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great interview~ love the response to the pet question! My pets behave like children at times and vice versa with my children (and husband) who behave like pets at times :-)

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    I wonder what kind of events or people inspired the author while writing this book!?
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    mestith at gmail dot com

  5. sounds fantastic! Congrats to Jennifer on the new release! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. BookLadyMay 05, 2013

    Great interview! I especially liked the reference to Dark Shadows - one of my favorite shows also. It is always interesting to learn about an author and her inspiration for writing a book. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great interview! Thanks for sharing. Five children and still you find time to write and do it coherently. You have my admiration. The Scent of a Soul sounds sexy, suspenseful and intense. I loved the trailer. It did really nice job of relating the suspense and intensity. I'm loking forward to checking this one out.

  8. Thank you, Jessica, for hosting this interview and giveaway, and for all of you who participated. I appreciate all your input and well wishes. Good luck to you all!!


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