October 1, 2019

Excerpt + Giveaway: A Scattering of Leaves by Patricia Reynolds

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A Scattering of Leaves (Keeper of the Souls #2)

by Patricia Reynolds

Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

Release Date: August 27th 2019

Old Crow Publishing


Following his Vision Quest in A Scattering of Crows, Hidden Spirit continues the journey after an unsettling vision of his sister, Chasing Rabbit, in danger. He races against the clock to find the boarding school where Preacher Jim continues to indoctrinate the Sioux children. He fears he will be too late and wonders about the fate of his beloved, Morning Star.

Surviving insurmountable odds, Hidden Spirit rises to the harrowing challenge. Quelling his anger, his inner warrior and magical powers begin to surface and develop in ways he never thought possible. Along the way, he meets some unsuspecting friends and allies that help forge this epic journey.

Book One:
A Scattering of Crows (Keeper of the Souls #1)


A complex tale of magical realism and adventure brings the children’s voice of the Lakota Sioux, to life — taken from their homes and sent hundreds of miles away to a boarding school out east.

A charismatic Preacher, named James Crumm, heard the calling and came forthwith. His mission was to save the children from a life of barbaric savagery and sin— lead them to a life of eternal salvation. The teachers are committed to the Preacher’s vision and set about removing their culture, language and sins. This where the Preacher’s spiral into madness begins.

One young Sioux warrior takes it upon himself to act. His name is Hidden Spirit. He sets out on his mystical steed, guided by his grandfather’s spirit, and undertakes a magical journey to return the children to their rightful home. But this journey will take him to a stranger and more perilous place than he could’ve ever imagined.

In the next moment, he hears someone on horseback thundering near,

as dust-devils rise high in the air. Amidst the foggy debris and dust, he

hears a man holler out, “Whoa,” as the horse comes to a grinding halt,

sending clouds of dust billowing.

Through glazed eyes, Hidden Spirit sees a soldier hurrying over, then

hunkering down next to him, where he spits hard on the ground. “Another

stinking Indian. You alive, boy?” he asks as he shoves him over.

Hidden Spirit’s eyes flicker open and he stares into rabid eyes, cold as

frost. The soldier smirks. “Looks to me like you’re half-dead. Maybe I could

do you a favor and finish you off.”

About the Author

Patricia Reynolds lives in Washington State with her partner of many years, along with their adopted family of dogs and cats. She has a passion for nature and the environment, and a soft spot for animals of all kinds. Patricia's primary goal in writing this book was to lend a voice to the forgotten. Her young adult fantasy series: Keeper of the Souls, is based on actual events.

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