A Little About Me...

My name is Jessica and I am a 33 year old Mother to two beautiful girls, Adelena and Adrianna!
(Lena-August 2013)
My daughters are the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for and have changed my life in a zillion amazing ways. 
I am completely obsessed with any and all bookish things. I am a compulsive reader, and would always read the blurbs of my new books to my family. Let's just say that they were NOT interested! So, I started this blog as a way for me to share my love of books, specifically Young Adult books, with people who felt the same way I did about them. 
I also enjoy acting in local theatre. The last play I  acted in was Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare and I found out I was pregnant (And two months at that!) around the second week of rehearsals. So when I would get nervous before a show, I would remind myself that my daughter was going onstage with me. 
It always helped me relax!

I am goofy, loyal, fun, caring, and a HUGE book nerd! 
I LOVE to host giveaways because I know how freakin exciting it is to win them! : )

Sometimes people who don't truly know me think I'm weird, and you know what, I couldn't care less! (It took me many years to get to this point though!)
Now, I love myself and my personal brand of book nerd crazy! 
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  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Love those little chubby cheeks!

  2. LOL I love that you are a bit weird and a book nerd and that you don't care what others think! I am the same way!! :) Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

  3. It is great getting to know a little about bloggers I follow, and to see if we have things in common. It is cool that you do local theatre, my mother also acts in our local theatre. I hope you have been able to be in some productions this summer. Your daughter is beautiful and it was nice getting to know you.

  4. She is so precious! If we all weren't different, this world would be so boring. We have a lot in common

  5. You have been nominated for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award, by Moonbum


I truly appreciate each and every one of your comments!